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Colorado to California

In the spring of 2015 two good friends and I set out on a “go for broke” road trip from Fort Collins, Colorado to San Francisco, California.

We found paradise on a farm off a dirt road just past Aspen and were muscled out of Zion National Park by marathon runners. Along the way we: repaired a car window in an orange orchard, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge so many times it almost lost its novelty, illegally slept on the beach and were showered, fed and born again in Provo, Utah.

You learn a lot on the road, like, you can survive off of Goldfish, oranges and a couple In-and-Out Burgers. Or, that a 12-pack of beer can buy you some space on the floor to sleep and make you some new friends.

So here’s to those times that you get lost in a strange city with your friends, the kindness of strangers, sleeping wherever you can and having a destination with no plan on how to get there.

Trip sponsors:

New Belgium Brewing, Rumpl Blankets, Sole Bicycles, Blood and Bolts.

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