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Social media can have a lot of drawbacks, but it can also produce a lot of good. It's an amazing tool for linking you together with people that you can draw inspiration from, some of which you may have never met without the platform. This is the first of a series where I meet up with people I follow on Instagram, document our first encounter and ask them a few pressing questions.

Adam Kingman is a Lake Tahoe native from the Nevada side. He has ended up in Austin, Texas for now (by way of Seattle, Washington) designing and creating for Kammok. Adam's IG bio is short and sweet, "decent magician industrial design". But after meeting him it clear there is much more to him than that.

Typically, I shy away from meeting other Adams because of an irrational fear that it will become some sort of evil twin scenario and I might be the evil one. With Adam Kingman however, I'd happily be the evil twin to get a glimpse of how his noggin works. You can see it in his eyes, the gears and the miniature Adams running around in is brain (like you might see in a cartoon) are constantly working, documenting, archiving and orchestrating the next move. Adam seems to find new ways to look at the world and reimagine it with the purity you would have had as a kid, but can articulate it in a way that's beyond his 25 years on this planet. He must have done a semester abroad on Jupiter.

While with Adam I turned 25, went fly-fishing, swam on a defrosted "Interstellar" planet, went on a mescal journey and was inspired to question and create more. Check out some photos and video from my first encounter with Adam Kingman.

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